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Weight loss hormone programs - HCG500
Weight loss hormones have been gaining increasing attention to suppress hunger and trigger your body's use of fat for fuel. A certain amount of fat in your body is essential - this fat is protective and additionally serves as an energy reserve. The extra fat that builds on the hips, waist, thighs, and buttocks does not have this protective characteristic. Recent research suggests that these hormones actually help your body consume only that extra fat. A low calorie diet coupled with weight loss hormones allows breakdown of the unnecessary extra fat while maintaining your metabolism and keeping you energized and feeling full.

There are several forms of this supplement that contain little or no weight loss hormones. Ours is prescription grade and processed in a laboratory. It is available in either injections, sublingual drops, or pills.

Laser Lipo
This painless and non-invasive procedure will slim and contour your body. You will be measured before and after each treatment to verify inch loss and you can lose up to 1 inch or more in just 20 minutes. No complications have been reported in relation to this treatment and the procedure requires no anesthesia. For more information, visit our Laser Lipo page

B-12 / Lipotropic Injections
Vitamin B-12 - This vitamin is likely the most important of the B group and is a necessary component for the normal metabolism of nerve tissue and is involved in normal metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. People deficient in B-12 often suffer from fatigue, insomnia, depression, and inability to concentrate.

Methionine- This compound is an essential amino acid and is especially important when levels of estrogen are high. This is because estrogens reduce bile flow through the liver and increase cholesterol levels, and methionine acts to deactivate these effects. In essence, it helps to prevent excessive build up of fat in the body. It also plays a critical role in helping rid the body of toxic compounds.

Inositol - Some people call Inositol an "unofficial" member of the B vitamins. It is essential to help release fats and bile that become trapped in the liver, and also has been shown to relieve depression and panic attacks.

Choline - Like Inositol, choline also enhances liver function and helps clear the liver of fats and bile.

L-Carnitine - This substance is a member of a class of compounds called thermogenic. As you may recall, thermogenesis is a metabolic process during which your body burns calories to produce heat. Thermogenesis can promote weight loss because it increases your calorie burn by boosting your metabolism. Research additionally suggests that thermogenic compounds help suppress appetite and burn excess fat.

Appetite Suppressants - Phentermine

Doctor prescribed appetite suppressants available